What We Do

Throughout X-Lab’s lifetime, the company has developed a host of solutions – all of which result in improved patient care. From improving efficiency and provision to enabling research, X-Lab are proud of the work they have successfully delivered, and continue to deliver, across digital healthcare.

The National Pathology Exchange (NPEx) is a robust digital service which has transformed laboratory medicine across the UK and further afield. By enabling laboratories to exchange requests and reports for send-away tests electronically, it offers a globally unique and integral service which contributes to the futureproofing and efficiency of diagnostics in healthcare. The service was originally designed to enable the UK NHS’s laboratories to send and receive results locally and nationally. Since its formative days, NPEx has successfully delivered at scale across the UK and has grown to accommodate testing outside the NHS network both internationally and privately. The Laboratory Information System interoperability enabled by NPEx has ensured hospital laboratories, public health laboratories, national health services, and quality assurance providers have benefitted from the solution.


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NETIMIS is a web-based simulation software tool, designed for healthcare providers to model current and planned scenarios. NETIMIS simulates patients’ flow through predetermined healthcare pathways and analyses different care scenarios and new service designs in a controlled fashion. Modelling with NETIMIS helps to diagnose problems in care pathways by building depth of understanding and consensus on their cost-effective design. Most recently, NETIMIS has been used by Sanofi who are a global biopharmaceutical company.


QTool is a questionnaire management system which was developed by X-Lab for the University of Leeds. QTool was born from the realisation that many researchers require the same generic questionnaire toolset and that the University would gain strategic advantage by building a single questionnaire design and management system could flexibly support diverse research needs across multiple clinical settings. QTool has proved to be effective in replacing paper based forms across healthcare and research settings.

In a joint venture with the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, X-Lab has built an open source, free to download Clinical Portal. The Patient Pathway Management Portal (PPMP) is a highly scalable electronic patient records system that gives clinical staff quick access to vital data and provides a platform for supporting the tertiary services that Leeds offers to the Yorkshire region. The system has been cited by the 2013 NHS Technology Challenge Fund as an exemplar in its field.